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Pick your tune, pick your room, pick another room.


Project Description

Connect to multiple audio sources from any room in your house through the use of SONOS to access Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, SiriusXM and many more.

  • Decide what gets played throughout the entire house or customize what’s playing in each room on an individual basis.
  • Experience a movie the way Hollywood intended, in full surround sound! Liaison puts you in full control of your audio video experience whether in a dedicated home theater or custom built media room.
  • Don’t forget the outdoors – whether you’re gazing at the stars from the back porch or having fun at the pool, you can pick the soundtrack that fits best.
  • Set music to help you drift into a peaceful night’s sleep, and turn itself off; as well as automatically come on to help you start your day with whatever selection gets you motivated for the day.


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