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Asset Safety Protection

Keep your peace of mind about your home, even when you aren’t home.

Project Description

Appliance or mechanical failure happen at the most inopportune times. Water heaters leaking, a washing machine that goes haywire, or frozen pipes bursting are only a few of the scenarios homeowners want to avoid. Mitigate the amount of damage caused by unforeseen accidents. ETouch can be integrated to detect when water leaks occur and automatically turn off the main water valve to the house. ETouch can even be configured to detect when a loss of power has occurred to the entire house or to specific circuits.

  • Monitor for water leakage detection and automatically turn water off.
  • Remote notification provides quick response and floor plan indicates where leak has been detected.
  • Receive notification that power supply has been cut off to house due to outage or other incidents.
  • Monitor power supply to the home or individual circuits.


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