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 An innovative approach to user friendly home automation

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No extra devices needed! LIAISON created Etouch™software to give users a simple and intuitive home automation touch on their iPad, iPhone, or Android device - while still keeping all the regular iPad/Android capabilities.

Reassurance at a glance. Our patent-pending Etouch™ software incorporates patent approved Glow Touch™ technology. GlowTouch™ uses floor plan graphics to provide immediate visual feedback for various control options. As an example, when operating the lights, touch a room on the floor plan graphics and watch as the room turns yellow, indicating the lights in that room are now on. Touch the room again and it turns blue, indicating that the lights are off. Red and green glows indicate if shades are open or closed. Climate control uses light blue and so on.

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Think outside your home. ETouch technology is one of the only total home automation systems to include outdoor irrigation zone graphics as part of our “Solutions” module offerings.

Your home is unique. That’s why Etouch is completely customizable. With the help of your Architect or Builder, we can even include a profile blueprint of your residence on the Homepage of your interface.

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