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5 Hot Home Theater Design Trends for 2018

Enjoy Modern Style with Smart Function

Everyone wants a home theater. Whether you’re the world’s biggest sports fan or a dedicated movie buff, you’ve probably dreamed about it forever.

Now that it’s close to reality, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do with the space. Will it be a themed room, based off your favorite movie? Will it be a versatile space, made for more than just watching content?

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the current home theater design trends and how you can get the most out of your entertainment. Just keep reading for more.


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Unconventional Displays

When you picture a home theater, it’s very likely you think of a traditional setup: screen up front and a projector placed behind the viewers.

That’s still a great way to enjoy your movies – but it’s not the only way. More and more homeowners are getting a feel for larger-format smart TVs in their theater space.

Many TVs reach sizes that make them comparable to projector images. Plus, some modern features like HDR are more common in TVs, so some viewers feel they’re getting more bang for their buck.


Multiple Displays

Sometimes there’s just too much media. In those cases, multiple displays may be the best solution.

Multiple displays mean more visibility – like playing a videogame at the same time you binge your favorite Netflix show.

Of course, multiple displays generally means you expect more than one person to use the room at any given time, so make sure each display is connected to an appropriate source.


Unusual Seating

A movie theater chair is designed to look the way it does for a reason. It keeps you upright and comfortable without impeding sound from getting to your ears.

But in 2018, homeowners are breaking with tradition to turn their theaters into a more family-friendly space.

For instance, couches can help bring the family together, and beanbags can make for a fun experience.

While you may sacrifice a bit of optimization, you can’t put a price on quality family time.


Multi-Purpose Space

Many homeowners are also embracing the idea of multi-purpose spaces over dedicated home theaters. In these kinds of places, you can gather your entire family and ensure everyone has a great time – whether they want to spend time watching a movie or perhaps playing a game of pool.

Game tables, cooking spaces and more make your time in your multi-purpose home theater more fun and fulfilling. Plus, when you integrate control you can transform it back into a theater  — dim the lights, lower the shades, and set up your AV – with the touch of a button.


Appropriating Spaces

Where would you put your home theater? Is the basement the only place to enjoy your movies and shows at optimal quality?

Today homeowners are finding unconventional spaces to put their theaters. That includes garages, attics and even by the pool.

Modern technology makes it easy. An immersive Dolby Atmos sound system can configure with as few as 5.1.2 channels – meaning it doesn’t take up much space.

Smart shading can blackout any windows, so you won’t have to contend with ambient light to watch your favorite content.


There are plenty cool new trends you can enjoy with your home theater design. Want to learn more?

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