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 Even if you still haven’t figured out how to program your DVR, no worries. You can easily control your smart home with a system from Liaison Home Automation.  We offer a variety of custom solutions for homeowners in Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.


Learn more about what sets Liaison with ETouch technology apart from the competition.

Bringing It All Together


Imagine the possibilities of a life less complicated!

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There are several ways we can show you all the features, solutions, and benefits of Liaison Home Automation with ETouch Technology.



A Design Lead takes you on a virtual tour of the ETouch system in real time.




A Design Lead comes to your location to present a tour of the ETouch system.




A Design Lead comes to a location of your choice to discuss Home Automation options.



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Liaison goes to great lengths to ensure that we offer only the best product options in the industry for our home automation packages.


If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to call our Toll Free number 888-279-1235 and ask for assistance. We're here to serve you.

In a nutshell, ETouch Technology is a patent-pending custom automation package that provides a pre-written code platform, allows for easy-to-add solution modules, runs over an easy-to-use interface and is combined with the most reliable hardware in the industry. Placed on either an iPad or Android personal device, ETouch utilizes the floor plan of your home as an intuitive way to navigate the complete automation system of your home. Multiple solution modules such as audio, video, climate, lighting, irrigation and more, are all run off of one app.

Liaison wants to help you live simply. Living in this technological age can be complicated. Liaison brings all of those complexities together in a simple way to enhance the way you live. Get back to the simple things in life, worry free, reliable, and efficient living.

Liaison was founded on the premise that home technology should be simple, starting from installation. After Steve Weber, CEO of Liaison, experienced first hand how home automation could go awry, he teamed up with local Denver home integration company, Electronic Environments, to found Liaison. With over 1,000 installations under our belts, Liaison has transitioned into a national home automation integrator. We continue to expand across the country bringing our unified team approach and putting homeowners at ease as they make this large and important investment in their home.

Our ETouch system was developed in 2012 based on customers who requested an interface that was easy-to-use and didn’t require expensive programming. The easy to use, floor plan based interface not only gives you an overview of your whole home automation system, but it is customizable and simple to use, enhancing the everyday workings of your home.

We started as a small custom integration company (Electronic Environments) in 1995, in Colorado. With over 1,000 installations under our belts, we have transitioned into a national-level home automation integrator. Our ETouch system was developed in 2012 based on customers requesting an interface that was easy-to-use and didn’t require expensive programming. We are continuing to expand across the country bringing our unified team approach to put homeowners at ease as they make such a large and important investment into their home.

When a larger home automation project is undertaken, a voluminous amount of computer code has to be written…from scratch…to operate every element in the system; from a single dimmer switch to surround sound speakers. This amounts to an extended project timeline as well as additional costs for the hours and hours of coding time required. Liaison has developed a pre-written platform code with pre-written software modules that are simple to add to the system for each Solution you choose to add. Builders are excited that they don’t have to wait on the “code guy” during the process and customers receive more attention on the important things – like what color leather to pick for the home theater seating.

We have a one year warranty on parts and labor. Manufacturers’ warranties vary from 1 to 3 years.

Installation will vary based on the size of the project. We do a majority of the work off-site so that we will be on-site for as short of a period of time as possible. We have some installations that take a day and some much larger projects may take 2-3 weeks. Our process is extremely efficient, and our goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible.

ETouch is an automation software package that allows you to control a multiple of Solution categories such as audio, video, climate and lighting all in one app. If you desire to add additional Solutions such as Motorized Shades and Irrigation in the future, ETouch has the pre-written software modules that make these additions simpler and less expensive in the long run.

Yes! ETouch allows you to customize your lighting schemes, schedule your sprinkler system, automate your shades to coincide with the rising and setting of the sun and more. With a simple “touch and hold” feature you can override a schedule and manually make changes on the fly for each Solution category. However you cannot change the source code in the program (and trust us, you wouldn’t want to.)

ETouch was developed to use only the most reliable equipment in the industry. We do exhaustive testing of a piece of equipment before we allow it to be an option in your package. It is important to us that your system works every time, 24/7. Many times the equipment you have can be incorporated, but if it has not been certified by Liaison, we may not incorporate the equipment into your ETouch . Reliability of the components in the system is a primary concern us, and a piece of mind for you.

No! ETouch will work on any personal device, Apple or Android

We offer service from 7 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday, as well as after hours customer support. Most issues that arise can be resolved remotely. If the issue does require a service call we will do our best to make sure your system is down for the shortest time possible.

We have been in business since 1995 and continue to grow.

We guarantee the price on our proposals for 30 days after a bid has been submitted. If the bid is not signed within that period of time we reserve the right to review our pricing.